Seagull Machine
2018 April, La Mama E.T.C Ellen Stewart Theater, NYC
Picture of work
Created by The Assembly
Conceived by Nick Benacerraf
Directed by Jess Chayes & Nick Benacerraf
Text by Anton Chekhov, Heiner Muller & The Assembly
Hamletmachine translated by Carl Weber
Seagull translated by The Assembly
Scenic Design by Nick Benacerraf & Emmie Finckel
Costume Design by Kate Fry
Sound Design by Asa Wember
Lighting Design by Miriam Nilofa Crowe
Video Design by Ray Sun
Dramaturgy by Stephen Aubrey
Props & Assistant Scenic Design by Jess Cummings
Additional Music by Edward Bauer, Nehassaiu deGannes, Jax Jackson & Aston Hollins McClanahan
Cabaret Choreography by Katie Rose McLaughlin


Cast: Rolls Andre (Shamraev), Edward Bauer (Medvedenko), Ben Beckley (Trigorin), Marvin Bell (Sorin), Emily Caffery (Maid), Nehassaiu deGannes (Arkadina), Anna Abhau Elliott (Masha), Christopher Hurt (Dorn), Jax Jackson (Konstantin), Layla Khosh (Nina), Daniel Maseda (Yakov), Elena McGhee (Polina), Gaby Resende (Cook)


Produced by Lucy Jackson