Two men, ten years later

Premier in National Theater and Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan


Esplanade Theatre Studio at Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay in Singapore 

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How often in life can you make and keep a friend for over 30 years?

One suave yet boorish, the other stout yet refined, Chen and Su met as dance students in National Taiwan University of Arts, without knowing that it would be the start of their 30-plus years of friendship and artistic collaborators.

Embarking on their individual creative paths a decade ago after co-founding dance company HORSE in 2004, they have each advanced to differing stages in their personal and professional lives. Through it all, faced with the noise and turmoil from the outside world, their mutually competitive yet honest relations with dance and with each other have always been a refuge. Now, nearing mid-life, and with wives and kids in tow, they confront and cross-examine their relationship with stark honesty and reconsider the ways their lives have crossed and ran parallel with each other.

Following their dance collaboration 2 Men in 2012, Chen Wu-kang and Su Wei-chia come together once again for Two men, ten years later. Featuring a text-based dramatic structure and variable sounds of piano, Two men, ten years later is a poignant and compelling chronicle of their personal and professional lives as dance artists and friends for life, set against an atmospheric score by pianist Lee Shih-yang.

Choreographer and performers: Chen Wu-kang, Su Wei-chia
Music Design and Performer: Lee Shih-yang
Co-creator: Edward Lam
Lighting Design: Chen Chao-chun
Video Design: Sun Ruey-horng
Stage Design: Liao Yin-chiao
Costume Design: Teng Yu-fang