Love is Our Story

As part of the 22nd China Shanghai International Arts Festival at Majestic Theatre, Shanghai, China.


Picture of work

The theatrical work Love Is Our Story (Pingru Meitang) is directed by the renowned avant-garde director from Taiwan, Baboo (Liao Juncheng). It features stage design by the forefront Taiwanese theater designer Lee Bo-Lin, visual design by Sun Ruihong, and lighting design by Deng Zhenwei. The play is an adaptation by documentary producer Leng Shan from the book of the same name by Rao Pingru. Love Is Our Story openly explores a question: How do we overcome constant challenges throughout life? Through a sixty-year marriage, Ping Ru and Mei Tang offer their answer to this question. The play integrates stage design and visual elements, where the two actors portray characters from different periods within 120 minutes.