Kám-á-tiàm Fragments

 As a part of the T.A.P Project at National Taichung Theater in Taichung, Taiwan

The 19-meter-high curved wall structure creates an immersive visual experience space. 
T: Technology Taichung Theater
A: Art/Artist Audience Architect
P: Projector Play Performance


Picture of work

Remember the Kám-á-tiàm (traditional Taiwan grocery store) on your way home after school? Stacked with wonders, full of hopes and dreams, all those marbles, popsicles, action-figures, space bubbles, trading cards, 4WDS, Tamagotchis. Every item is a promise, a miracle, an adventure. Decades later, sometimes, after a tiring day, you, a successful grownup, can’t help but wonder where all those curiosities and excitements went?

Welcome to the magicstore, the grandstand of your childhood dream. Let the GAME start! Through this intuitive interactive installation, the audiences become the participants of the exhibition. Each mini-game comes with a video projection, a childhood theme, filled with life, adventure, and nostalgia.
"Hey! I saw this that summer at the National Taichung Theater." We hope this is the experience you and your loved ones would recall, fondly with a smile, months or even years later.