forced discussion

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2016 EXiM Portugal and Macao Experimental Video Festival
2016 ET@T Taipei
2016 LightBox Photo Library, Taipei
2016 National Central University Black Box Theater, Taoyuan City
2016 Absolute Space for the Arts, Tainan

Direction / Camera : Ray Sun Ruey-Horng
Choreography / Starring : Wu-Kang Chen
Editing: Lego Lei Check-Mei
Soundtrack : Yannick Dauby
Graphic Design: Hsien-Hsun Huang
Sponsor: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government

This film consists three testaments of an ongoing project between artist Ray Sun and choreographer Wu-Kang Chen, an experiment explores the boundaries between video editing and choreography. “Forced Discussion” applies human body as material/ medium of art, manipulates the shapes and power structures between viewer and object, to present a newfound organic perspective that we have never experienced before.