between/after, 2012
8’ x 5’ Plexiglass, glass beads, wires, projectors, speakers, computer

Between / After is a 2-channel video installation with sound. Sound composed by Eunhee Kim.
2 synchronized video clips projected onto both sides of a semi-transparent plexiglass rectangular screen, hand-coated with glass-microspheres. It suspends in the middle of the room.
The general impression of 2 video contents are identical, but have different components in details. 2 videos blend together on the plexiglass.
As a viewer in the room, each side of the image looks similar to the other. But after close examination, viewer would notice the differences between the two sides of images. The progression of moving from one side to the other creates the “space” of imagination. Viewer will have both experiences at some point, but never at the same time.